lunes, diciembre 15, 2008

Cool as Ice - 52nd street

What a wonderful weather we're having these days! The coldest winter I -or anyone else- can remember. In fact, they say it's the coldest in like 60 years... which is serious. Anyway, rainy weather makes you stay at home more and you feel cozy and prone to be caressed and even for a sec you feel something similar to an urge to actually COOK (believe it or not) while listening to Doris Day or Whitney Houston, but then, the next minute, once you're wearing your apron and ready for the fight with the flour and the eggs, you suddenly just need to throw all that stuff away, put on some tight T-shirt, wear your trekking boots and most flamboyant coat and move your butt to the nearest club. Because your butt is worth it, so f*** the weather.
Listen to this long-forgotten jewel by the controversial group of musicians called 52nd Street, with their jazz-funk remixed by Jellybean Benitez, a classic.

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