domingo, mayo 13, 2007

I want my TaB back!

A year ago, while I was recovering from some terrible backache and had lots of free time to waste on the net, I remembered old soft drinks that used to be fashionable, or at least available, in the seventies. In Spain, one of them was Mirinda, which I hated, no offence to its followers.

And then, there was TaB. Tab was the closest thing to glamour you could find if you talked about a beverage, partly because it was heavily advertised using slim top models from the time wearing smart Pucci dresses. Women were still a bit dependent on men, and that wasn't politically incorrect, so the ads were really over the top, if you ask me, but lively, catchy, "yeyé" we'd say in Spanish.

As a very self-conscious child that I was at the time, I was worried about not putting on weight. You're free to think I was absolutely insane, but let's just think of it as a funny feature of mine: guessing what people's obsessions would be one decade later. I was some kind of a trend setter, in a way. My parents didn't want me to drink any Coke or Pepsi, which I loved, because I wouldn't sleep afterwards. So I asked for a boring Fanta but stole my mother's Tab time after time. I became an addict.

Now that I'm an adult, or at least older, TaB is not available anymore. And, believe me, it's not ironic, it's more serious than that. For people like us, consumer society-crazed fans, the death of a product is like the death of a pet, or the loss of part of your youth!!! So, Coca Cola Company, please, please, please, BRING TaB BACK IN SPAIN!!!

In the USA, some people have opened some kind of website related to this, so in case you're interested, I'll leave the link here. Kudos for them.

One day I'll tell you more about all this TaBmania, but for now, I'll just post some old TaB commercial from the web. Classic. They don't make them like this anymore, do they?

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