jueves, marzo 13, 2008

De fuerza desmedida.

The day before yesterday, Coruña was quite shocked to see the biggest waves ever recorded crashing onto the seafront, making the beach dissapear. Eventually, a very big wave came and unexpectedly tore the railing to pieces. In the blink of an eye, the wave reached the road and the nearest shop-windows, creating a weird sort of chaos. Four people were injured, and everybody was reaaaaally astonished. It looked as if half the city could be buried under water.

Now, a very original report of the whole incident has popped up. The soundtrack is Bombas, by Chimo Bayo.

This is the actual wave. It gives me the creeps!! Two hours later, I was there to see the whole thing. If I was going to tell you, I had to have a good source.

And more waves form that day.

2 comentarios:

Gunillo dijo...

It was really acollonanting, at least, it was what my mum said about it.
Really scaring to have a walk near to the seaside!
And very very windy to estragar any beauty hair ben peiteado, ho!

poderío dijo...

Acabas de inventar el galleglish. Seica you're a genius!!! So new-wavish!